Announcements & Partnership

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NAL has published a new report for the Department of Health to inform the development of a national hearing awareness campaign – one of the

NAL contributes to the stakeholder and community consultations and HSP review draft report releases

NAL is working with Nuheara on a Clinical Trial to help obtain regulatory clearance for an innovative medical device

Continued funding and support from the Australian Government for LOCHI and start of a First Nations LOCHI study

The start of a series of research and innovation initiatives to improve the uptake and benefit to listeners of hearing-aid technologies

future trends in the hearing community, featured impact projects delivered through our global collaboration with hearing leaders, and meet our researchers who made all of this possible

to strengthen guidance regarding cultural aspects of current and future National Acoustic Laboratories’ research relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities

The app will use artificial intelligence to assess whether the child’s speech indicates they may have hearing loss, providing a simple way to ensure all children with hearing loss are diagnosed as soon as possible