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Industry solutions

Delivering a unique set of research and go-to-market skills, NAL regularly engages with hearing sector companies – from the large hearing device manufacturers to start-up companies around the world. Providing a set of rigorous, credible and evidence-based services, NAL welcomes the opportunity to enhance your product development pathway.

Services we offer

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Industry Insights

We will help you understand the current unmet needs of people with hearing difficulties and the industry environment using ecologically valid data and behavioural insights.

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NAL experts will work with you to co-design a solution, and gain feedback from end-users to improve the product at an early stage. Previous projects have included co-design of emerging hearing technology and hearing health apps.

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NAL will work with your team to validate new technology both in controlled experiments and real-world evaluations of benefits.

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Partner to market

Partner with a world-recognised brand to take your innovation to market. NAL can provide services at each step of the way, supported by experts and a global network of industry partners

Featured projects

Speech-in-noise difficulties beyond the audiogram (SiNDBA)

Explore potential intervention for people with speech in noise difficulties with normal or near normal hearing

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Clinical Trial for Nuheara HP Hearing PRO: self-fitting and OTC Hearing Aid

Clinical Trial successfully validated the hearing benefits of the Nuheara self-fitted hearing aids
compared to unaided listening across a range of settings and situations

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NAL’s unique approach

For 70+ years, NAL has produced ground-breaking translational research fusing academic rigour with real-world understanding of hearing challenges.

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Working with us

Partner with NAL for authoritative and credible results

NAL’s established, end-to-end project processes make our industry partnerships smooth and effective. From initial contact, we will identify the right experts and resources for your project and develop a scope of work together.

Our contemporary methodologies focus on customer-centric, translational research – providing a grounded and credible research platform to support joint grant applications and source funding for the project.

With a dedicated project lead researcher and the support of a professional project management team, NAL’s projects also undergo ethics and governance processes to ensure credible evidence-based and ethical data collection.

Our professional researchers excel at analysing raw data to generate insights, and will work with you to disseminate and present the results of the project. NAL can also work with you to implement your innovation and support the ongoing commercialisation of your product!

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Collaboration produces better results so we welcome potential partners to contact us to discuss how we can support you from innovation to market.
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Clinical Trials team
Produce robust, globally compliant clinical data from well-designed research for international product registration, marketing claims, market access and post-market clinical follow-up
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