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Our research

NAL’s teams work across the fields of research to deliver projects that focus on the Strategic Research Challenges.

With a focus on the pressing and emerging challenges in the global hearing community, NAL continues to contribute ground-breaking insights, clinical data and practical products through our commitment to world-class hearing research and innovation.

In 2019, NAL went through a rigorous review process engaging with national and international hearing experts to set the current research focus and announced the top five Strategic Research Challenges in December 2020.

Fields of research

Adult hearing loss
Driving outstanding people-focussed research and promoting evidence-based outcomes to improve quality of life for people with hearing difficulties.
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Paediatric hearing loss
Understanding the long-term efficacy of early hearing detection and intervention and inform best practice for preventing and managing childhood hearing loss.
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Evaluation, research, and development of tools and methodologies to help understand the unmet needs of people with hearing loss problems and develop targeted hearing solutions to help them improve their quality of life.
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Clinical Trials
Produce robust, globally compliant clinical data from well-designed research for international product registration, marketing claims, market access and post-market clinical follow-up
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Current research priorities

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Connected health
Supporting remote services and development of new tools across the lifespan.
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AI applications
Using big data to develop AI tools to improve hearing diagnosis and management.
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Hearing pathways
Preventing avoidable hearing loss within Indigenous communities.
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Speech in noise
Improving diagnosis / management of hearing difficulties in noise.

A focused approach drives results 

NAL’s strategic focus on key challenges within the sector informs our research and collaborations. 

Our experienced teams of researchers, audiologists and behavioural specialists regularly ideate using the research challenges to identify unmet needs within the sector.

We then establish cross-functional, multi-disciplinary project teams with a matrix structure that leverages the different expertise that exists within the organisation. We develop outcomes by implementing a combination of research and innovation methodologies. 

Collaboration is a core function of our work, and we often work with our global network of research collaborators, volunteers and industry partners around the world to deliver on different initiatives.


NAL’s work is regularly featured in major prestigious peer-reviewed journals and is often cited by leading scientists and academics.

Our focus on evidence-based outcomes for real-world problems ensures that the articles we publish are valuable and add to the sector’s understanding of hearing health.

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