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Focusing on unmet needs in the hearing sector

NAL provides insights into the needs of those with hearing difficulty, developing solutions and recommendations for those with hearing difficulty, clinicians who provide hearing services, and companies who develop products for clinicians and their patients.

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Adult hearing loss

Driving outstanding people-focussed research and promoting evidence-based outcomes to improve quality of life for people with hearing difficulties.

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Paediatric hearing loss

Conducting evidence-based and patient-centred multidisciplinary research to understand the long-term efficacy of early hearing detection and intervention and to inform the best practice for preventing and managing childhood hearing loss, using a range of research methods, e.g. behavioural, electrophysiological, quantitative, qualitative measures.

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Focusing on the evaluation, research, and development of tools and methodologies to help understand the unmet needs of people with hearing difficulty and developing targeted hearing solutions to improve their quality of life. We specialise in advanced signal and audio processing algorithms for hearing health and clinical diagnostics applications. We work in collaboration with hearing aid users, clinicians, and the hearing aid industry worldwide.​

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Clinical Trials

Independent clinical trial management and execution to help the hearing healthcare industry secure relevant clinical data to achieve successful commercial outcomes

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