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“NAL recruits the best researchers from around the world. Their expertise accelerates our impact."
Brent Edwards PHD
NAL Director

Leadership team

NAL attracts world-class talent to work together to conduct research that informs clinical practice, produces innovation in hearing healthcare, and provides data-led insights into hearing loss and hearing solutions.

Dr Edwards has spent his career leading research and technology innovation in hearing healthcare

Research expertise in hearing devices/implants, psychophysics, and outcomes

Over 20 years of experience in the development and evaluation of hearing aid technologies. Leads the technology research area at NAL

A serial innovator, Audiologist, Founder and Board Director

viji easwar

A hearing scientist and paediatric audiologist with expertise in auditory development and electroencephalography

Passionate about client and community-centric approaches to hearing health interventions, value-based leadership, and process improvement.

Executive Assistant to the Director of NAL

Team and culture

NAL is driven by our mission and our values.  With a strong and uncompromising focus on impact, we know that what we do every day will positively impact our customers, clinicians, industry partners and people with hearing difficulties. We understand the value of collaboration, and know that we’re always stronger together – seeking opportunities to work with our peers and others who share our aims. 

Each individual on the team shares a common objective - to make a difference in the lives of people with hearing difficulties. We use our talents, expertise, knowledge and skills to deliver world class outcomes, fusing traditional and contemporary methodologies to deliver evidence-based translational research. We are committed to open, honest and transparent communication both internally and externally. We invest in our team, and continual professional development is a core component of our work.

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