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Unique approach

NAL integrates contemporary innovation methodologies with rigorous research practices to develop a translational research program that bridges the gap between discoveries made in the laboratory and clinical & real-world settings.​

Our focus on impact in real-world settings guides our methods of engagement as we seek to uncover and investigate unmet needs of people with hearing difficulties. NAL’s professional project management team integrates with each research team to ensure that all research is delivered on time, on budget and to scope.

Research expertise

NAL’s collaborative approach motivates both our cross-departmental team compositions and our partnerships with industry and other academic research institutes on projects including clinical trials, population-based longitudinal studies, qualitative research and design thinking.

Integrated structure

Our multi-disciplinary approach applies the right skills, knowledge and resources to each project with professional project management to deliver translational and practical outcomes in the hearing community
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Communication Sciences

Investigates the efficacy of early intervention and other factors influencing children’s communication and psychosocial outcomes

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Audiological Science

Conducts innovative research to improve hearing health and quality of life across the lifespan. Also provides expert audiological consultation and clinical oversight to projects at NAL

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Signal Processing

Research and development of innovative technologies arising from and leading to new scientific discoveries at NAL. Helping companies take innovative technology to the hearing market.

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Strategy and innovation

Innovative ways to discover and address the unmet needs in the hearing sector and continuing to drive contemporary innovation methodologies within NAL that complements the delivery of translational research outcomes

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Project Management

Dedicated Project Management Office that ensures all projects at NAL run on time, on budget and deliver results to scope. Enabling our researchers to focus on driving evidence-based outcomes.

Professional project delivery

Integrated project management

NAL’s Project Management Office (PMO) is an internal department looking after governance to guarantee consistency in running projects, guide into best project management practices and standards and guaranteeing a controlled environment to successfully deliver high value project outcomes.

The PMO was set up to assist NAL in optimising their resources and portfolios, ease risk management activities and provide project governance, enhance decision making processes, facilitate improved communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Working closely with the project teams, stakeholders, and sponsors, the PMO play a key role in projects at NAL, monitoring project constraints, guarantee quality and efficient communication.

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World class people

Since its inception, NAL has attracted top talent from around the world to join the NAL team, and to work with us as collaborators and partners.
NAL’s team
The calibre of our people enables us to continue to lead the world in hearing research and contribute to projects that deliver significant advancements in knowledge in hearing health, new technology in the hearing industry and addressing the unmet needs of people with hearing difficulties around the world.
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Partners & collaborators
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We welcome partnerships and collaborations with other researchers, institutions and organisations who recognise NAL’s leading position in the field, and want to leverage our skills, experience and knowledge. We believe we’re stronger together
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