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NAL develops technology and products that are used by clinicians and people with hearing difficulty around the world. We focus on solutions for pressing unmet needs, and everything that we develop is evidence-based with laboratory and real-world validation of benefit.​

This guide has been designed to support people in exploring the hearing aid features that could be used for their listening needs, and discuss them with their family and clinician.

NAL has licensed the Aided Cortical Assessment (ACA) and Cortical Automated Threshold Estimation (CATE) software to Inventis

A microphone technology that improves listening in noise acoustically challenging environments

Allows a single clinician to carry out testing on children normally carried out by two clinicians, software licensed to MedRx

NAL-NL2 is the most popular and widely recognised fitting algorithms available (compatible with Windows or mobile apps)

Real-time speech captioning app to improve communication for people with hearing loss

Screening tools to identify hearing and communication difficulties in young children for early intervention

A clinical tool with a focus on client’s individual needs widely adopted when designing rehabilitation program in appointments

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