NAL Annual Impact Report 2023

National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) has released its Annual Impact report 2023. This year’s report features the latest research outcomes on perceived mild to moderate hearing loss, next generation goal setting tool, cochlear implant processor upgrade evaluation, and a validation of advanced hearing aid technology. In its 2023 report, NAL provided a comprehensive overview of its AI initiatives in hearing healthcare to personalise, diagnose and empower hearing healthcare professionals.

Key topics:

  • -Applications of AI in hearing healthcare
  • -Perceived Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss: An Under-served Segment for Hearing Aid Solutions
  • -Next Generation Hearing Goal Setting Tool
  • -World First Large Scale Multi-site Trial of Cochlear Implant Processor Upgrade Benefit
  • -Behind the Innovation: Rapid Evaluation of Advanced Hearing Aid Technologies
  • -Insightful thought leadership piece from NAL’s leadership team
  • -NAL’s strategic pillars and impact overview in 2023
  • -See NAL in Action activities and photos in 2023

Every year at NAL is a year of impact – it’s part of our mission to provide evidence-based research and innovation to improve hearing health and transform the lives of people with hearing difficulties.

Our team of world-class researchers and innovators are focused on projects that deliver impact and address unmet needs in the hearing community through translational research.

Read the 2023 Impact Report:

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