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Jorge Mejia

Dr Jorge Mejia is the head of the signal processing department at the National Acoustic Laboratories in Sydney, Australia. Jorge has several years of research and development experiences working with the industry in algorithm development for hearing aids and assistive listening technologies. In 2010, he was nominated finalist for the early career research scientist of the year, awarded by the CRC Australia. In 2013 he was appointed finalist for the emerging health researcher of the year, awarded by BUPA, Australia. His current interest is in the areas of psychoacoustic of hearing and evaluation of advanced signal processing strategies for hearing aids. Jorge leads the department of signal processing at NAL and heads the technology area overseeing the research and development of hearing health-related technologies at NAL.

PhD, (2010) University of Sydney, Department of Medical Science, Master of Engineering Science (2004) Queensland University of Technology, Diploma of Engineering (2002) Queensland University of Technology, and Bachelor of Engineering (2001) Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Key publications

, 2020
Soundbites 5: Jorge Mejia