NALguide Pro: Hearing Aid Features Explained

NALguide Pro tool is developed for clinicians and individuals with hearing needs to streamline the decision-making process by fostering guided conversations around how different hearing device features can address individual hearing needs.

Problem: The absence of standardized information on hearing aid technologies and features makes it challenging for individuals to comprehend and make informed choices. This mostly results in individuals feeling unsure or confused when trying to choose the most suitable options for their needs.

How does NALguide Pro helps in my appointment?

Designed to simplify the complexities of hearing aid technology and features, the NALguide Pro tool provides clear and accessible information for the individuals and empowers them to grasp recommendations from their hearing healthcare professionals more effectively, ultimately leading to improved outcomes in addressing their hearing needs.

NALguide Pro promotes increased customer engagement in the process of shared decision-making. It helps in generating insights which may significantly influence the individual’s decision-making process concerning the hearing aids, subsequently enhancing their acceptance and efficacy in self-management practices.

How does it work?

NALguide Pro comes with clear “How to use” instructions which are easy to implement and can be conveniently shared with individuals to continue discussions with their families at home. NALguide Pro prompts individuals to consider their own listening goals and linking them to the hearing device features. This guide is organised by listening needs, so you can also ask your client to choose their own journey and select features, most suited to their lifecycle.

We recommend using NALguide Pro in your discussions about hearing aids with clients to ensure its understanding and utility throughout their entire hearing experience.

What our users say?

~ Margaret, Lived experience of hearing loss, USA

~Terry Clayton, Clayton Hearing

~ Hearing Healthcare Professional

After extensive research, a wide range of hearing aid features were broken down into six major categories based on common listening needs. Each category represents a distinct focus area within the tool, making it easier for users to navigate.

Speech understanding icon

Speech Understanding

Helping you be part of the conversation

Features that help you recognise and make sense of what people say, even in background noise or at a distance.

Sound Quality icon

Sound Quality

Natural hearing and access to sounds

Features that provide and support hearing at a fundamental level and increase awareness and access to sound.

Comfort icon

Listening Comfort

Wear devices anywhere and anytime

Features that make sounds comfortable to listen to in any environment.

Usability icon


Making devices easy to use

Features that make using devices convenient and simple, including automatic adjustments.

Connectivity icon


Linking to other devices and technologies

Connect your hearing devices to other technologies and accessories.

Personalisation icon


Technology that fits you and your life

Customising your hearing aids to match your listening needs and preferences.

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