NALguide: Hearing Aid Features Explained

This guide has been designed to support people in exploring the hearing aid features that could be used for their listening needs, and discuss them with their family and clinician. Clinicians can refer to this guide to better support the early stages of the client’s journey, and when reviewing hearing goals and new technologies.

A wide range of hearing aid features has been broken down into six categories based on common listening needs.

This NAL research project was funded by the Australian Department of Health and Aged Care and done in collaboration with Deafness Forum Australia and the Hearing Aid Manufacturers and Distributors Association of Australia (HAMADAA).

Click on each individual category for more detail and download the full guide below.

Speech understanding icon

Speech Understanding

Helping you be part of the conversation

Features that help you recognise and make sense of what people say, even in background noise or at a distance.

Sound Quality icon

Sound Quality

Natural hearing and access to sounds

Features that provide and support hearing at a fundamental level, and increase awareness and access to sound.

Comfort icon

Listening Comfort

Wear devices anywhere and anytime

Features that make sounds comfortable to listen to in any environment.

Usability icon


Making devices easy to use

Features that make using devices convenient and simple, including automatic adjustments.

Connectivity icon


Linking to other devices and technologies

Connect your hearing devices to other technologies and accessories.

Personalisation icon


Technology that fits you and your life

Customising your hearing aids to match your listening needs and preferences.

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