The 2022 NAL Annual Awards

Every year, the NAL Annual Awards recognizes staff members who have demonstrated excellence in the process of research, multi-disciplinary teamwork, creative problem-solving, and consistently exceeding expectations—to deliver high-impact research outcomes. 

The awards are presented by the previous year’s recipients as a continuation of recognition and efforts in research excellence and are celebrated at an all-staff meeting at the end of the year.

Congratulations to this year’s award recipients.

Jessica Monaghan took home the NAL Researcher of The Year Award

Jessica’s focus on how machine learning and technology can be used to tackle problems in hearing healthcare has provided the foundation for the ground-breaking research she has done for NAL. Jess has been the recipient of several research grants and has consistently assisted and collaborated with research both inside NAL and with external partners. Jess has contributed extensively to international conferences and research publications.

The image shows Jess holding a trophy for her award in the centre. NAL Director, Brent Edwards on the left and last year’s recipient, Viv Marnane on the right.

“Jess has been a powerhouse researcher at NAL this year, actively engaging in several of NAL’s high-priority projects, working with industry, and successfully receiving a large NHMRC research grant.”

Brent Edwards, NAL Director

Catherine Kwok received the NAL Rising Star Award

Catherine’s commitment to collaboration, support, and efficiency in recruitment and data collection for multiple projects has been a driving force at NAL this year. She has tackled challenges with determination, has taken initiative and maintained a positive environment, and has shown tremendous promise and excellence in research and beyond, and is hence NAL’s rising star of the year. Congratulations Catherine.

The image shows Catherine holding a trophy for her award in the centre. NAL Director, Brent Edwards on the left and last year’s recipient, Angela Wong on the right.

Angelina Png recognised by the NAL Above and Beyond Award

Ange received the Above and Beyond Award 2022 as a recognition for her professionalism and persistence in administration, which has been key to ensuring that researchers (and the research they do) thrive at NAL. Ange is always found behind the scenes to make our staff and guests feel welcome, to create a positive environment in the workplace, and to offer unconditional support to every staff member – She is the definition of the Above and Beyond Award. We are lucky to have you in the team.

The image shows Ange holding a trophy for her award in the centre. NAL Director, Brent Edwards on the left and last year’s recipient, Jess Cooper on the right.

The HSP Technology Review project team became Team of the Year

The team’s ability to plan, execute and deliver a very fast-paced project by bringing together knowledgeable and efficient researchers, made them stand out this year. Their work has informed ongoing interactions with industry and consumers to help the Department of Health and Aged Care make information about hearing technologies accessible and understandable to a wide audience.

The image shows The HSP Technology Review team and NAL Director on the left. Team members from left to right: Taegan Young, Matt Croteau, Paola Incerti (project lead), Reza Mazloumi, Jorge Mejia, and Padraig Kitterick.

Kerrie Alexander received the Director’s Award

This award is presented personally by the NAL Director to recognize the recipient’s contribution and achievements throughout the year. Kerrie’s excellence in coordinating grants management at NAL, helping researchers identify funding opportunities for projects that would deliver real-world impact, led to her being recognized this year.

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