PhD, MAud, AAudA

Paola Incerti

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ORCID ID: 0000-0002-1483-6672


Acoustics & psychoacoustics
Cochlear implants
Connected Hearing Health
Design Thinking
Device prescriptions
Hearing Technology
Longitudinal Studies

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PhD, MAud, AAudA

Paola Incerti

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Paola has worked as Senior Research Audiologist at the National Acoustic Laboratories since 2009.  She currently leads a large, multi-centre study funded by the Australian Government Department of Health evaluating the clinical- and cost-effectiveness of upgrading cochlear implant sound processors in older adults. Paola has a PhD and a strong academic background in hearing device rehabilitation research, with a focus on optimizing listening devices to improve outcomes in children and adults. Paola is particularly interested in the prescription of electric and acoustic stimulation (cochlear implants, hearing aids and bimodal devices), and considerations about fitting configuration (i.e., same or opposite ears).

Doctor of Philosophy (Audiology), The University of Melbourne. ‘Fitting and evaluating binaural hearing in adults using electric and acoustic stimulation’
Master Philosophy (Audiology), Macquarie University, Sydney
Postgraduate Diploma Audiology, The University of Melbourne
Honours Bachelor of Science Degree (Genetics), La Trobe University, Melbourne


Key publications

Gotowiec S, Larsson J, Incerti P, Young T, Smeds K, WoltersF, Herrlin P, and Ferguson M , 2021
International Journal of Audiology
Incerti PV, Ching TYC, Hou S, Van Buynder P, Flynn C and Cowan R, 2017
International Journal of Audiology