BA, DipAud

Meagan Ward


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander hearing health
Paediatric hearing

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BA, DipAud

Meagan Ward

Meagan is Clinical Lead Community Outreach in the Communication Sciences Department.  A non-Indigenous audiologist, Meagan lives on Gadigal land in Sydney, NSW. Meagan has worked with Hearing Australia as a paediatric audiologist and with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait program doing outreach work across remote, urban and regional areas.  Meagan has been involved in several projects with NAL over the last two years including: developing and validating the PLUM and HATS listening and communication checklists; the Urban Hearing Pathway project -understanding how service access impacts the burden of avoidable hearing loss experienced by young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families in urban areas;  and the Timeframe project- developing an optimal timeframe for ensuring children with persistent middle ear problems are helped to hear well again.


Bachelor of Arts (BA); Postgraduate Diploma of Audiology (DipAud).


Key publications

Ching T, Harkus S, Hou S, Ward M, Saetre-Turner M & Marnane V. , 2020
Audiology Now 80
Ching TYC, Saetre-Turner M, Harkus S, Martin L, Ward M, Marnane V, Jones C, Collyer E, Khamchuang C, Kong K., 2020
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