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ORCID ID: 0000-0003-1416-4164


Acoustics & psychoacoustics
AI applications in hearing health
Connected Hearing Health
Design Thinking
Hearing Technology

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Jessica Monaghan

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Jessica Monaghan’s scientific career began reading Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge (Physics). There she completed master’s research in how the principles of human listening and machine learning might be applied to improve automatic speech recognition at the Centre for the Neural Basis of Hearing, continuing this work as a research assistant. Dr Monaghan undertook PhD studies at the UK Medical Research Council’s Institute for Hearing Research, creating algorithms to enhance spatial listening abilities in users of cochlear implants. As a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Southampton, she developed noise-reduction algorithms for hearing technologies, using deep neural networks and sparse coding methods. From 2015, as a Research Fellow at Macquarie University, she explored the ability of normal-hearing listeners to understand speech in noisy environments, and how this could be used to inform new technology.

Current Research Area 

Her current research focuses on how machine learning and technology can be used tackle problems in hearing healthcare, such as improving diagnosis of hearing conditions and improving communication for people with hearing loss.


Recipient of the 2022 NAL Researcher Of The Year Award

The annual NAL Research Excellence Award recognises broad contributions of excellence throughout the research process—multidisciplinary teamwork, creative problem-solving, consistently exceeding expectations—to deliver high impact research outcomes. 

“Jess has been a powerhouse researcher at NAL this year, actively engaging in several of NAL’s high-priority projects, working with industry, and successfully receiving a large NHMRC research grant. All while helping her colleagues, publishing papers, coordinating conferences, and many other collaborations.”

Brent Edwards, NAL Director
Image of Jessica Monaghan holding the Researcher of the year award trophy in the centre. To the left is Brent Edwards, NAL Director, and to the right is last year’s recipient of the award, Vivienne Marnane.


Key publications

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