MClinAud, AAudA

Jessica Tsiolkas

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ORCID ID: 0000-0002-3124-8469


Acoustics & psychoacoustics
AI applications in hearing health
Connected Hearing Health
Design Thinking
Hearing Technology
Longitudinal Studies

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MClinAud, AAudA

Jessica Tsiolkas

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Jessica has a background in clinical audiology having worked in adult diagnostics including vestibular function testing, electrophysiological testing, and aural rehabilitation where she fit both hearing aids and implantable hearing technologies.

Jessica has an interest understanding the client’s journey and access to hearing health services, especially via the General Practice pathway.

In her time at the National Acoustic Laboratories Jessica has been involved in a number of studies aimed towards informing Government policy as well as research, development and validation of new technologies to improve the lives of those with hearing impairment.


Key publications

Pang J, 2020
Soundbites 7: Jermy Pang
Mejia J, Galloway J, Cooper J, Monagham J, Edwards B., 2021
The Hearing Review