MClinAud, BHSc(Hearing & Speech), AAudA

Jermy Pang

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ORCID ID: 0000-0003-0456-4498


Connected Hearing Health
Design Thinking
Hearing Technology

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MClinAud, BHSc(Hearing & Speech), AAudA

Jermy Pang

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Jermy began their career as a research audiologist at the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) in 2009. While at NAL, they have worked collecting and analysing both qualitative and quantitative data, designing and developing protocols, ensuring ethical research practice, contributing to publications including peer-reviewed journal articles, and presenting project work at conferences.  

More recently, Jermy has acted as project lead for two projects: one investigating the prevalence of auditory pathway deficits among young Indigenous adults in youth justice settings, and one developing an understanding of the informational needs of clinicians and consumers in adult hearing rehabilitation prior to the initial assessment appointment.   Professionally, they have been involved in consumer and community engagement activities within their research organisation, and take a patient- and family-centred approach to their projects to ensure that evidence-based guidelines and clinical research are developed with the expertise of those with lived experience of hearing loss.  


Key publications

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