BSC (Psych), MSLP

Emi Vella

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Longitudinal Studies and Systematic Reviews
Paediatric hearing
Speech Language and Developmental Outcomes

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BSC (Psych), MSLP

Emi Vella

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Emi is a Research Speech Pathologist within the Communication Sciences Department. She has both a research and clinical background providing assessment and intervention to children with speech and language difficulties. Prior to joining NAL, Emi worked in the field of stuttering research for nearly a decade.  Currently, Emi is involved in research that is looking at the effectiveness of early identification and intervention on the developmental outcomes of children with hearing loss.


Master of Speech and Language Pathology

Bachelor of Sciences (Psychology)


Key publications

Vella A, Martin L, Marnane V, Kung C, Ching TYC. , 2020
Hearing Review, 2020;27(12):10-13