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Catherine Kwok

Catherine Kwok joined NAL as a research audiologist in 2022. She previously worked as a clinical audiologist in government, private and hospital clinics with experience in establishing, and providing direction for clinical procedures and protocols. While studying, Catherine undertook research in the Philippines for a project on objective measures of hearing aids used in a hearing aid donation programme.

At NAL, Catherine has contributed to research in perceived hearing loss, validation of hearing technology claims, enhancing vocal emotion cues for hearing impaired listeners, and clinical trials. She has an interest in the association of hearing loss, social isolation and dementia, and in community involvement in providing optimal hearing care models.


Master of Clinical Audiology, Macquarie University

Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics, Monash University

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Macquarie University


John Newall, Rohan Biddulph, Hubert Ramos & Catherine Kwok (2019) Hearing aid or “band aid”? Evaluating large scale hearing aid donation programmes in the Philippines, International Journal of Audiology, 58:12, 879-888, DOI: 10.1080/14992027.2019.1666308


Recipient of the 2022 NAL Rising Star Award

This award recognises the achievements of an individual who has shown tremendous promise & has excelled in their research activities beyond the normal expectations of their role.