To fit or not to fit! Strategies for fitting no-to-mild hearing losses

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Presented by Dr Brent Edwards, Director at NAL

Should we recommend hearing devices to people with no-to-mild hearing loss? How well can hearing devices benefit this population?

Whether to recommend a hearing aid is often based primarily on the level of hearing loss as measured by the audiogram, possibly in combination with a speech test and needs consultation. Recent research, however, suggests that audiograms are insufficient indicators of need, leaving HHPs with the challenge of determining who to make device recommendations to. This is particularly challenging for people who present with self-reported hearing difficulty but very little measurable hearing loss (PTA less than 25 dB HL).

The webinar aired live on the 7th of April 2022 AEST and had over 100 unique attendees with a robust live Q&A. To be first in line to register for our next Soundbites webinar, follow us on Eventbrite here.

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