2 Year Fixed Term opportunity
Based at the Australia Hearing Hub, Macquarie University
Competitive salary based on experience plus 15.4% super 

When you change lives, it’s more than just a job

NAL is looking for an enthusiastic and innovative Research Engineer to play a key role in driving our world-leading research and development focussed on transforming the lives of people with hearing loss.

Your role will encompass a blend of research, data analysis, and development of machine-learning models, ensuring the integrity and efficacy of our solutions. Your expertise and innovative thinking will play a crucial role in advancing our research efforts and making a difference in the lives of those affected by hearing loss.

This position offers the opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking work in the field of hearing health, leveraging machine learning to create impactful solutions. As part of our dynamic machine learning and AI team, within the Signal Processing department, you will be instrumental in developing innovative solutions for individuals with hearing loss, and in extracting insights from our clinical data warehouse.

The key responsibilities of the role include: 

  • · Machine Learning Model Development: Design and develop advanced machine learning models to analyse audiological data and improve diagnostic accuracy for hearing loss.
  • · Develop Innovative Solutions: Prototype and test new algorithms and approaches for hearing aids and diagnostic tools. Collaborate with audiologists and end users to understand clinical needs and integrate their feedback into the development of AI solutions.
  • · Data Analysis and Insight Generation: Conduct comprehensive data analyses to extract actionable insights from clinical and audiological data sets.
  • · Collaborate on Multidisciplinary Projects: Work alongside other technical and clinical experts to integrate machine learning solutions into broader research and product development initiatives.
  • · Stay updated with the latest advancements in machine learning and audiology, continuously enhancing skills and knowledge in these areas.

Skills, Knowledge & Experience: 

  • · Bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, data science, or related discipline.
  • · At least 3 years research or industry experience
  • · Track record of peer-reviewed publications and/or independent or collaborative research
  • · Experience in conducting research and managing projects.
  • · Master’s degree or PhD – Highly desirable
  • · Proficiency in Python, Matlab, or R
  • · Strong foundation in machine learning algorithms and principles
  • · Experience in developing, training, and deploying machine learning models
  • · Familiarity with deep learning frameworks (e.g., TensorFlow, PyTorch)
  • · Expertise in audio signal processing – Highly desirable
  • · Expertise in natural language processing or large-language models – Highly desirable
  • · Familiarity with hearing health and audiology – Highly Desirable

Why work for NAL?

NAL’s mission is to lead the world in hearing research and evidence-based innovation to improve hearing health and transform the lives of people with hearing difficulties. Our work is purpose-driven and everything we do is focused on having an impact on hearing health care and helping people with hearing difficulty. By working for NAL and Hearing Australia, you will be working to improve people’s lives.