Real-time speech captioning app to improve communication for people with hearing loss


Real-time speech captioning app to improve communication for people with hearing loss

Mask wearing and physical distancing in a COVID-19 world can make communication challenging, particularly for people with hearing loss.  A team at NAL used design thinking methods to understand the unmet needs of our clients and clinics and create an innovative solution.  The technology was trialled in several Hearing Australia hearing clinics, and based on feedback, many new features, such as enhanced privacy mode options and translation, have been incorporated in the latest release.

NALscribe is an easy-to-use live speech captioning tool that helps to make communication easier for people struggling to hear.  It has been designed especially for use within hearing clinics to increase hearing accessibility and inclusivity for all customers.

Available now to download for free from the App Store.

“My father-in-law is profoundly deaf now for many years and we have been searching for any way we can use technology to assist us in communicating, especially with family get togethers… even around his home. It has been a largely frustrating journey of trying all sorts of things… We just came across your app yesterday and just want to say a huge Thank You… it will transform his life and give us all more interaction and access to our father and grandfather.”

— R.W, NALscribe user

“I have resorted to pen and paper many times when verbal communication has been impossible. This app facilitates easier communication in so many settings …where accurate communication is important.”

— K Symes, NALscribe user

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