Acceptability of Apple AirPods Pro by People with Hearing-in-Noise Problems

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Presented by Dr Joaquin Valderrama-Valenzuela, Senior Research Scientist and Head of the ‘Electrophysiology Measures’ division at NAL.

What should a healthcare professional recommend to a client with a normal audiogram who reports significant hearing difficulties in noisy venues such as cafeterias or restaurants? In this webinar, Dr Joaquin T. Valderrama discusses the value of Apple AirPods Pro as assistive listening devices based on a series of experiments conducted in the lab via standardised speech-in-noise hearing tests, and in the real world using questionnaires and ecological momentary assessment (EMA) tools.

This webinar will answer the three questions below:

  • What is the perceived value of Apple AirPods Pro by individuals with normal audiograms but speech-in-noise hearing difficulties?
  • To what extent do Apple AirPods Pro help these individuals communicate better in real-life noisy venues?
  • What are the main barriers that would discourage this population to continue using Apple AirPods Pro use as an assistive listening device?

This webinar follows on from Dr Nicky Chong-White’s ‘Exploring Apple AirPods Pro as Hearing Devices‘ webinar by presenting EMA data collected from users of Apple AirPods Pro in the real world.

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