A panel discussion on the FDA’s draft guidelines for OTC hearing aids

With the release of the FDA draft regulations for over-the-counter hearing aids, we are faced with the fundamental question: what will be the impact on the field of hearing healthcare? Furthermore, how this will affect people with hearing loss and hearing healthcare professionals?

This Soundbites panel discussion is a special collaboration with ICRA (the International Collegium of Rehabilitative Audiology) on these issues, providing ICRA Fellows’ thoughts on the details of the draft OTC regulations. This episode features Drs Brent Edwards, Stefan Launer, Todd Ricketts, Larry Humes and Kevin Munro.

The panel discussion took place at 7 am AEDT, 24th November 2021. Soundbites released an exclusive 30minutes cover of the panel before ICRA members continued a member-only discussion.

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