PhD Medical Bionics, BSc Engineering and Acoustics

Xin Zhou


fNIRS (single person and hyperscanning)
Hearing Impairment
Language Development
Speech Perception

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PhD Medical Bionics, BSc Engineering and Acoustics

Xin Zhou

Xin joined NAL in 2023 as a senior research scientist with expertise in speech perception in hearing impaired listeners and objective measures (including functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) and pupillometry). Under the big umbrella of communication sciences and disorders, Xin’s research covers varying populations. She started by examining speech perception, listening effort, and binaural hearing in adult cochlear implant (CI) listeners, to investigate neural correlates of their speech outcome. Xin then moved onto the neural mechanisms of speech perception and cognition in children, toddlers and infants. Further, from single-person to dyadic settings, she examined how children and infants perform in naturalistic surroundings while interacting with their parents and peers, and the relations between inter-brain synchrony in dyads and their behavioural performance.


Postdoc research associate, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2021-2022)

Postdoc research associate, Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A (2018-2021)

PhD Medical Bionics (BioMedical Engineering and Sensory perception), University of Melbourne and Bionics Institute of Australia (2014-2018)

BSc Engineering and Acoustics, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China (2009-2013)