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Elizabeth Convery

BA (Hons 1), MSc
Elizabeth Convery


Biographic Notes

Elizabeth is the Senior Research Audiologist on NAL’s rehabilitation devices team and a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland, under the supervision of Louise Hickson, Carly Meyer, and Gitte Keidser. Along with Dr Keidser, she has conducted pioneering work into the use of self-fitting hearing aids as a way of improving accessibility to hearing health care. As part of her doctoral work at the University of Queensland, Elizabeth is investigating the application of a chronic health condition framework to audiological practice with a focus on hearing loss self-management in older adults. She maintains an active interest in ‘on-the-ground’ service delivery through voluntary audiological outreach work in remote Aboriginal communities in northern Australia and developing countries in the South Pacific.

Elizabeth has been a qualified audiologist since 2000. She is a full member of Audiology Australia and holds the Certificate of Clinical Practice.

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