Soundcheck has finished!

Thanks to the 8,000 people who took the time to complete Sound Check Australia - the equivalent of one person working 40 hour weeks for 2 years!  That’s the power of citizen science.

The scientists are thrilled and can’t wait to begin looking for results.  In the meantime, we thought we’d peek into the huge digital vault of data to produce some (non-scientific) early results.

Congratulations to Rosalie O’Connor, SA who won $1,000 worth of concert tickets.

The scientific research

The National Noise and Hearing Survey is part of an actual scientific project. The information you provide will enable scientists to have a better understanding of the risks our lifestyles are giving to our hearing. The research has been approved by an ethics committee and the data will be analysed by scientists who will eventually publish the results in peer-reviewed journals. About
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