HEAR HAPPY: Integration of early hearing & communication assessment tools in early childhood and health services through parent engagement for early detection of hearing & communication problems

Project details

Allied health workers and teachers in primary health services and education services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders can help to identify young children who may be at risk of communication and hearing problems by asking parents the right questions. The PLUM and HATS questionnaires have been designed with this purpose in mind.

This study aims to develop educational material to empower teachers and health workers to use the PLUM and HATS with parents of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. The tools will help to identify those children who are at risk of hearing and communication difficulties.

The educational material will be used for training workers in health services and early education services to confidently administer and interpret the PLUM and the HATS with families.  This facilitates earlier referrals, and supports take-up and follow-through of intervention and treatment for ear and hearing problems in young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.


Hearing Australia, Western Sydney University


This study is supported by funding provided by the Prime Minister and Cabinet Grant.