Project aim

The aim of the HEARsmart project was to devise tools and methods to reduce noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus in the community, with a particular focus on young adults and the music industry. The project, which was managed by NAL and the HEARing Cooperative Research Centre, developed evidence-based prevention messages and awareness-raising activities using insights from NAL’s current and previous research into noise exposure and hearing loss prevention. Although the project has been completed, HEARsmart will continue to promote hearing health in the community with the ongoing support of Hearing Australia.

Project achievements

The HEARsmart website offers tips and information about how to prevent tinnitus and hearing loss, and includes links to the various tools and resources we developed. Some of HEARsmart’s various achievements include:

  • The Know Your Noise websiteThis website is aimed at young people at risk of hearing damage. Users can test their hearing and find out if their lifestyle is putting their hearing at risk.
  • Collaborations with Music Victoria: We’ve contributed a new hearing health section in the latest edition of Music Victoria’s Live Music Best Practice Guide
  • The development of Bee HEARsmart, a light-hearted but informative hearing health video that aims to raise awareness of tinnitus among musicians and the music industry.
  • What Plug? A review of high-fidelity earplugs specially designed for listening to music. It’s an easy-to-navigate database to help users make a more informed decision about what plug might be right for their ears.