A case for a National Hearing Campaign

Project Goals

One of the key priorities identified in the 2019 Roadmap for Hearing Health was the development of a national hearing awareness campaign. NAL was commissioned by the Department of Health to provide a report detailing the background information required to inform the development of such a campaign. The aim of the report was to provide the Department of Health with a comprehensive understanding of the various hearing health journeys in Australia and recommendations about how to address the information needs and awareness gaps of Australians in seven key target groups: young children and caregivers; teenagers and young adults exposed to recreational noise; people with untreated or developing hearing loss aged 50-75 years; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders; people exposed to occupational noise; farmers; and people living in rural and remote locations.


NAL’s report, entitled Making a noise about hearing: Factors to consider when developing hearing health awareness messages for Australians, highlights how an awareness campaign would help to address several long-standing systemic issues in the hearing health space, and includes recommended awareness messages and strategies for seven key target groups. A summary is provided here or you can download the full report here.