Licensed Products


HEARLab was developed by National Acoustic Laboratories and the HEARing CRC. It is a proven test instrument that enables the clinician to measure cortical or brainstem responses in people with and without hearing aids. The system uses a standard PC with a versatile electronic interface for stimulus presentation and response acquisition. The interface allows the software to fully control stimulus levels, signal pathways and response conditioning. This technology enables new audiological tests to be added to the HEARLab system easily, through the development of new software modules. Read more


 Listening in Spatialized Noise – Sentences Test (LiSN-S)

Developed by the  National Acoustic Laboratories and distributed exclusively by Phonak, the LiSN-S is an adaptive, virtual-reality, speech test that measures speech perception ability in noisy environments. Importantly, it also measures the ability of children to use the spatial cues that normally help differentiate a target talker from distracting speech sounds. An inability to use this information has been found to be a leading cause of difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments, such as the classroom. Read more