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1. HEARLab
2. Listening in Spatialized Noise – Sentences Test (LiSN-S)



HEARLab was developed by National Acoustic Laboratories and the HEARing CRC. It is a proven test instrument that enables the clinician to measure cortical or brainstem responses in people with and without hearing aids. The system uses a standard PC with a versatile electronic interface for stimulus presentation and response acquisition. The interface allows the software to fully control stimulus levels, signal pathways and response conditioning. This technology enables new audiological tests to be added to the HEARLab system easily, through the development of new software modules.

For detailed technical and operational information, go to our dedicated HEARLab site

The aided cortical assessment (ACA) module

The first software module released is NAL-ACA, which is a hearing assessment module that provides two different types of assessments:

  1. Aided Cortical Assessment (ACA) enables the clinician to evaluate hearing aid fittings using real speech sound presented through a speaker. By measuring the evoked cortical responses of an infant, with or without hearing aids, it is possible to estimate the audibility of speech sounds by that infant.
  2. Cortical Threshold Estimate (CTE) is used to estimate unaided hearing thresholds. Tones are presented via insert earphone or a bone vibrator and the evoked cortical responses are automatically detected by HEARLab.

Two additional modules have been developed and are awaiting regulatory approval:

The auditory brainstem response (ABR) module

This module allows the clinician to measure brainstem responses.

The cortical automatic threshold estimation (CATE) module

This module allows the clinician to produce an audiogram at the touch of a button. The software will automatically present stimuli and measure the response to produce the audiogram.

Upgrades available now

For those with existing HEARLab software running on Windows XP, two new upgrade options are available:

  1. Upgrade the HEARLab software by adding the /s/ stimuli. The cost is AUD500.
  2. Upgrade the HEARLab software to Windows 7, including the addition of the /s/ stimuli. The cost is AUD750.

To purchase an upgrade, please email

Purchasing HEARLab

Within Australia, HEARLab is now available through NAL. Please contact; or for more information about purchasing, contact

Outside Australia, HEARLab is available for purchase in Europe, India, Israel, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Turkey, UK and the USA.

HEARLab Distributors
Country Distributor
EU countries – Germany Auritec Medizindiagnostische Systems
Dernauer Strasse 12
Hamburg, Germany 22047
Ph: 49 40 696540 10
Jan Mody
EU countries – Italy CRAI S.P.A. Via G. D’Annunzio, 35
Padova, Italy 35024
Ph: 39 049 538 6777
Cristina Corrado
Hong Kong Phonak Hearing Centre HK Ltd
Room 1303-4, Albion Plaza
2-6 Granville Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Kowlooon City, Hong Kong
Ph: 852 2311 2828
Edwin Wong
India HAC Acoustic Technologies
TF4-Lokesh Tower
18 Kodambakkam High Road
Tamil Nadu
Chennai 34, India 600018 (also Sri Lanka)
Ph: 91 444 2023520
K. Ganesh
Israel Lemiop Ltd Medical and Scientific Equipment
65 Gisin Str
Petah Tikva, Israel 49001
Ph: 972 3 5796980
Uri Opper
Korea Starkey Korea
1, Sangwon 12-Gil, Seongdong-Ku
Seoul, Korea 133-822
Ph: 82 2 465 0999
Richard Shim
New Zealand ECS
Level 2, Building A, Millennium Centre, 600 Great South Road
Ellerslie, Auckland 1051, New Zealand
Ph: 64 9 583 2800
David Tsao
Taiwan King Pax Technology Co. Ltd
7F-1, No. 164
Fu-Xing N. Road
Taipei, Taiwan 10487
Ph: 886 2 2718 5125
David Ling, Jr.
Turkey Meders Medikal Ltd
Mesrutiyet Cad. Hatay Sok. No: 24/4
Ankara, Turkey 06640
Ph: 90 312 4196877 Ersin Oray
United Kingdom Sivantos UK
Mark Elmer
USA Frye Electronics


Listening in Spatialized Noise – Sentences Test (LiSN-S)

Developed by the National Acoustic Laboratories and distributed exclusively by Phonak, the LiSN-S is an adaptive, virtual-reality, speech test that measures speech perception ability in noisy environments. Importantly, it also measures the ability of children to use the spatial cues that normally help differentiate a target talker from distracting speech sounds. An inability to use this information has been found to be a leading cause of difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments, such as the classroom.

Offered as a combined hardware and software package, LiSN-S comprises a proprietary PC software program, performance headphones and a USB-attachable Phonak soundcard. Once installed, the LiSN-S system employs advanced mathematical algorithms to create a virtual three-dimensional acoustic space under the headphones.

The hearing professional can simulate different speech environments, with target and distracter voices competing for the child’s attention. By asking a child to repeat the sentences spoken by the target voice, the audiologist is able to accurately assess the child’s ability to identify target speech in challenging situations, like those a child might encounter in the classroom.

LiSN-S is not only accurate but the test is also quick and easy to administer; in just 20 minutes, audiologists are provided with clear results in easy-to-print document format.

LiSN-S is highly sensitive and scientifically robust; its high test-retest reliability allows the hearing professional to test whether a child’s listening skills have improved after some form of intervention. The LiSN-S is available in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Norms already exist for people aged 6 to 60 years.

A North American-accented version of the LiSN-S for ages 6 to 60 is currently available in the United States of America and Canada.

A version of the LiSN-S which will be suitable for use with hearing-impaired people is now available from Phonak.

Clinicians wishing to purchase the LiSN-S within Australia can contact Phonak Australia on (02) 8858 1800. Clinicians in North America, the UK or New Zealand can contact Phonak in their own country.

Click here to read more or watch videos about LiSN-S.