The SoundLog noise dosimeter is a free to download iPhone app, developed at NAL.  It provides noise measurements and noise exposure (dosimeter) estimations for those interested in measuring noise and sound exposure at work or leisure.  It is intended for use by individuals and as a ‘risk management’ tool by Occupational Hygienists and Workplace Health and Safety professionals.

The App provides a continuous, A-weighted noise level measurement (LAeq dB) over the measurement period; a peak noise measurement (LCpeak, dB); and a noise exposure estimation in relation to the Australian Noise Exposure Standard (LAeq,8h dB) of 85 dB (an A-weighted, continuous equivalent normalise to an eight hour period). The exposure is also provided in linear units of Pascal squared hours (Pa2h) for simple comparison the Exposure Standard of 1 Pa2h per day. A ‘safe’ exposure time for the activity is also suggested.  A minute by minute graph of the noise level is provided with levels at or above 85 dB provided in RED, along with a GPS reference of the recording location (with map) – this can be disabled if required.