Participate in NAL Research

For the last 65 years, the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) have been leading the world in research into hearing aids, rehabilitation strategies, and hearing loss prevention. An integral part of NAL’s research program is the contribution of our participants. NAL participants make valuable contributions both to science and to the general community. Many participants report that they enjoy the tasks involved and feel a sense that their time and efforts will help others with hearing loss in the future.

The tasks associated with individual research projects vary widely, and may include identifying the location of sounds in space, rating the intelligibility of speech in a variety of background noises, or recording your experiences with a new hearing aid in a diary.

As a potential research participant, you will be invited to NAL for an initial intake appointment, during which a hearing test is completed and your eligibility for current experiments is assessed.

After this initial assessment your name will be placed on a secure electronic database that is accessible only to NAL research audiologists, and you might then be invited to participate in various research projects as opportunities arise.

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