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Strong evidence-based research and innovation powers NAL’s mission to transform the lives of those with hearing difficulty

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NAL brings together leading researchers and scientists from around the world. With expertise across traditional and cutting-edge research methods, tools, software and hardware, our team works together to deliver best practice, evidence-based research.

Featured researchers

NAL attracts world-class talent to work together to conduct research that informs clinical practice, produces innovation in hearing healthcare, and provides data-led insights into hearing loss and hearing loss treatment.

Passionate about people-focused research and evidence-based outcomes to improve quality of life for people with hearing difficulties

Focused on childhood hearing outcomes and creating opportunity for children to reach their potential

Experienced researcher in hearing neuroscience who is currently leading the ‘Electrophysiology Measures’ section at NAL

Featured Projects

Speech-in-noise difficulties beyond the audiogram (SiNDBA)

Explore potential intervention for people with speech in noise difficulties with normal or near normal hearing

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Longitudinal Outcomes of Children with Hearing Impairment (LOCHI)

Population-based longitudinal study that prospectively evaluates the development children with hearing loss

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NAL is proud of our history of collaborating with globally recognised research institutes and industry partners to improve hearing health and transform the lives of people with hearing difficulties.